"Data compression in cryptography systems. Hardware approach."

Alfredo de la Cruz is an author of RFGD compression algorithm.

It's an improved LZFG (do You remember Fiala? No? Ok, ZLFG is based on LZW, but used Patricia tree. Do You remember Terry A. Welch? No? Ok, LZW is based on LZ78. Of cause, You know who is Lempel and who is Ziv).

Ok, about RFGD. it's, probably, the best hardware-realizable data compression algorithm. Now it implemented in "Roller-Chip" ICIE 9614.

We just try to convert RFGD to the encryption algorithm.
More about this conception is here

Unfortunately, it's two quite different tasks. Hardware compression algorithm mast be as simple as possible, and trans-understandable encryption algorithm must be complicate. We find a solution, but... I think, trans-understandable algorithms must be software-implemented.


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