Cotty Collaboration page.

I'm always open for all types of collaboration.

It may be either scientific or programming projects.
Or, may be, something else.

Scientific projects.

I have a many-years experience of redusing of all types of redundency in all types of data sets.

Now I work in scientifical collaboration with RemoteCommunications Inc, USA; Alfredo de la Crus, International Centre for Informatics and Electronics (Moscow, ex. USSR); and Signal Processing Research Center of Tampere University, Tampere, Finland.

Programming projects.

Don't worry if Your project seems to be too complicated for me. I have enough really talented Russian programmers around, and we can write all from CGI-script to operation system fast and with a high quality.

We write on C++ for MS Windows and UNIX and on Java.
We work with relational databases like Oracle and Informix
for a many years.

The only one thing I disagree to do is to solve 2000-year problem on Cobol.

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