Who am I?

I am Konstantin J. Balashov, co-founder and Chief Information Officer of OnMercial.com, Inc., Beaverton, OR, US

I was born in Minsk, Belarus, ex. USSR at July, 30, 1971.

Education: 1988 - 1993 The University of Radio, Electronic and Computer Sciences. Minsk, Belarus. Master's Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE

Hobby: Data compression and other complicate algorithms (see my patent), WEB design, JAVA, roller skating, psychology, phylosophy, vampires hunting.

I'm a member of International association for Pattern Recognition Inc and a member of Belarussian Association for Pattern Analysis and Recognition.


My phylosophy (Unfortunately, Russian-only).

My published data compression related works(eng).

My lyrics (Unfortunately, Russian-only).

About my Site

Site was found somewhere in 1997, but it was been visible only from local network. And it serve first visitors from WWW only 14.09.1998.

When I left Mebius in June, 1999 I deleted 95% of the site. Only the most important pages are available now.

In April, 2001 I re-located the site from cotty.mebius.net (Minsk, Belarus) to cotty.16x16.com (US)

Collabouration page. I'm always open for all types of collaboration with You!

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Data Compression Guy's Resume - it's me!

Mr. Business Executive's Resume - it's still me!

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